My internship at MuleSoft: Building groundwork for the future

August 19 2016

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It’s difficult to reflect on twelve weeks of rapidly changing work, completed for two different teams, and summarize it in a short blog post. Throughout this summer, I’ve witnessed firsthand the brainpower and creativity behind the operation, the stimulating and efficient nature of the team structure, and the vast potential of the market space that MuleSoft is trying to fill, but mainly I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some incredibly kind and bright individuals. 

Webinar: The Future of EDI

August 18 2016

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future of edi webinar banner

If you work with EDI on a regular basis, you know that it is a technology that often doesn’t keep up with the modern enterprise’s needs for integration and scalability. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re excited to be presenting a webinar with Redwood Logistics who have created a new platform with MuleSoft that makes B2B communication easier for their customers.

What is EDI? It stands for Electronic Data Interchange, and is how businesses engage with one another to enable business to business communication.

Introducing Anypoint Connector for Box

August 17 2016

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box connector

MarketsandMarkets estimates Enterprise Content Management(ECM) Market is expected to grow from USD 28.10 Billion in 2016 to USD 66.27 Billion by 2021 (CAGR: 18.7%). Among many areas in ECM, Box has been recognized by Gartner as a leader in Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) market with one of the largest user base. With many of those users being MuleSoft customers, we are excited to announce our new Anypoint Connector for Box.

The Unusual DNA of MuleSoft’s Sales Org

August 16 2016

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Overcoming the Stigma: The Unusual DNA of MuleSoft’s Sales Org

Three years ago, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than taking a job in sales. Cold calling, reeling off a cheesy script, “Always Be Closing”. I was a journalist at the time, and the idea of a sales gig made my skin crawl.

But, today, as part of MuleSoft’s Account Development (AD) team – very much the frontline of the sales organization’s pipeline generation efforts – I’m struck by just how wrong my preconceptions were.

API security: Ways to authenticate and authorize

August 15 2016

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API Security- Authentication and Authorization

This post will be part 1 of 3 for my ultimate guide to API security best practices series. In this post, I will be discussing the current concerns IT decision makers have in regards to their current digital assets.

Part 2 – API security: Keeping data private but accessible will address the need for keeping data private and protecting it from being compromised while making it accessible at all times.

Committing to operational excellence: Our journey to Infrastructure as Code

August 12 2016

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At MuleSoft, we are committed to customer success by investing in product and engineering operational excellence. The faster we can innovate/produce new features, the better equipped our customers are at enabling IT and transforming their businesses. One of the ways we’ve been able to move faster is by migrating to Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

HowTo – Report analytics from Mule Runtime using Splunk

August 11 2016

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Report Analytics from Mule Runtime using Splunk

MuleSoft Anypoint Runtime Manager (ARM) provides connectivity to Mule Runtime engines deployed across your organization to provide centralized management, monitoring and analytics reporting. However, most enterprise customers find it necessary for these on-premises runtimes to integrate with their existing monitoring systems such as Splunk and ELK to support a single pane of glass view across the infrastructure.

anypoint runtime manager

How much is an API worth?

August 10 2016

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How much is api worth

Last updated August 8, 2016 Have you been wondering how much an API would cost if you put a dollar figure on it? That’s been an important question especially for investors since many startups now offer APIs as their core product. We found an interesting way to calculate the value of an API, but by no means is it the end all be all equation.

Webinar: MuleSoft Best Practices – How to Get the Most out of Anypoint

August 9 2016

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MuleSoft best practices webinar banner

What do you most want to know about MuleSoft? Join us for this MuleSoft best practices webinar and become one step closer to becoming an expert user.

Obviously, we’re big fans of Anypoint Platform here at MuleSoft, but we know that it takes a bit of training to get started. We often hear questions from people who are new to Anypoint Platform and from people who have been using it for a while about best practices, the right way to do things, etc.

MuleSoft wins Salesforce’s demo jam with dataloader

August 8 2016

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sfdc demo jam dataloader

MuleSoft is revolutionizing the way the world connects data and applications. Recently, Anton Kravchenko, one of our Product Managers, won the Salesforce’s Demo Jam by demoing, our data loading tool for Salesforce. “It’s a truly amazing feeling to show how simple big problems could be,” he says.