Upcoming webinar: Best Practices for Microservices

Microservices is one of the hottest technology trends of 2016. But what do microservices actually mean for your business? How can you implement them in the right way? And what tools are available to help you?

Join us at our upcoming webinar, Best Practices for Microservices, to learn how microservices can help your organization achieve digital transformation.

Attendees will learn:

  • What microservices are and why they are an increasingly popular architecture

Digital Transformation Trends to Watch: APIs Ignite a Cultural Shift Within Businesses

May 3 2016

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Digital transformation isn’t only a key business strategy, it’s an inexorable force that every business in every industry must contend with. But digital transformation brings with it great advantages if the entire business rises to the challenge. However, in organizations today, there is a significant misalignment between business priorities and IT investments, hindering digital transformation initiatives and directly putting revenue at risk. Released today, MuleSoft’s second annual Connectivity Benchmark Report reveals this growing issue and the role of APIs in enabling digital transformation.

Live fast, get training

April 29 2016

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We’re all busy-we’ve got too much to do and not enough time to do it in. It’s important to get certified on MuleSoft, but it can be difficult to find the time to get it all done.

But we’ve got you covered. This year at CONNECT, held from May 21-25 in San Francisco, you can get access to condensed, instructor-led courses, so you can get all the training you need in a fraction of the time.

How a Role in Tech Sales Will Jumpstart Your Career

April 28 2016

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When I tell people I work in “sales at a tech company”, some react in a way as though they expect me to start flogging them some shady gadgets, especially in the UK and Europe. Americans have already figured out that software sales is a pretty cool gig, since some of the smartest young professionals across the United States are moving to the West Coast to start their careers in software sales. For one thing, the average annual compensation for sales executives at US tech companies can be upwards of $200,000.

Using Anypoint Platform at Accenture

April 26 2016

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We are proud to have a large and active developer community using MuleSoft. Some of those developers become Champions, developers who become an active part of our community. Champions grow their skills, help others, and network with the top MuleSoft developers and advocates around the world. Gennaro Spagnoli, a MuleSoft Champion who works at Accenture, wrote about his experience with Anypoint Platform, and his approach to a particular integration project. 

MuleSoft Open House

April 25 2016

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Last year, while we were discussing sponsoring an organization supporting women in technology, an idea came up: doing something ourselves. We thought about what we wished we had known before starting our careers and all agreed we would have liked to know upfront what the job looked like: what work we could actually do, which roles we could have and how was the day to day in a tech company. An open house seemed like a great way to show what life in MuleSoft is like, so we invited students in technology related careers to visit our offices in Buenos Aires and get a glimpse at the tech world.

No wasted time at CONNECT!

April 22 2016

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Conferences are great – they offer a chance to take a close look at floral carpet, eat food out of chafing dishes, and add to your lanyard collection. But they’re not great if they don’t offer sessions that are relevant to the work you’re doing and the problems you’re facing.

Plan for “pervasive integration”

April 21 2016

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Integration is not an easy business. After all, as Ross Mason has often said, MuleSoft was founded to escape the drudgery, or “donkey work,” of data integration. Integrating systems like mainframes, databases, or big data stores is hard enough, but where things really become interesting is when you have to integrate those systems with cloud applications, mobile applications, social networks, connected devices, and so forth.

The Four Secrets of a Great API

April 19 2016

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Not all APIs are created equal – some are better than others. In fact, says ProgrammableWeb’s Adam DuVander, the not not-so-secret truth about APIs is that “creating a great one is really, really hard.”

A new operating model for today’s business environment

April 18 2016

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Anyone reading this knows that today’s business environment is marked by a great deal of competition, the adoption of technology solutions across every part of the organization, and the need to analyze and then use the explosion of data provided by those solutions for better business intelligence. All of this puts stress on IT, who need to deliver more projects at greater speed and at lower cost. Fortunately, there is a way of increasing IT’s capacity, enabling them to deliver more at a faster rate.