What Our Global Services Team Does will Surprise You

August 4 2017

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BA services team

Since we created the Global Delivery Services Center (GDSC), I keep getting the same question: “Mariano, why is your hair so awesome?”

Just kidding! Because I work in our Buenos Aires office, which primarily houses engineers responsible for building the core components of Anypoint Platform, I get a lot of questions about what being on a “Services team” really means.

Why DataWeave is the Main Expression Language in Mule 4 Beta

August 3 2017

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dataweave mule 4

All hail DataWeave!

One of the major changes in Mule 4 is the introduction of DataWeave as our primary expression language. Although this may seem like a radical change, I’ll explain some of the reasons behind our decision, and why this represents a major leap forward. I’ll also share some examples and answer a question that is likely on many readers’ minds: “what about MEL?”

Training Talks: How to Copy Global Elements into a Mule Domain Project

August 2 2017

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training talks

Our favorite drummer/instructor is back with a new edition of Training Talks! In this demo, Ethan will show you how to copy over global configuration elements from a Mule application into a Mule domain project, including copying over the namespace and the schema location definitions for those global configuration elements, including the HTTP and VM queue connector.

Demo Video 


Follow Ethan’s demo by watching the video above and reading the instructions below:

Application Networks in Federal Government

August 1 2017

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application networks

Across industries, organizations are realizing the power of reusable APIs to transform the way they do business. Health systems are redefining patient care, retailers are pioneering innovative omnichannel experiences for their customers, and banks have accelerated the speed at which they can bring innovative new products and services to market.

But what about government? How should federal agencies be thinking about leveraging reusable APIs to enable more efficient and cost-effective citizen service and mission delivery?

What’s New with Anypoint Studio 7 Beta?

anypoint studio 7 beta

I’m very happy to announce the beta version of Studio 7, which not only offers support for the Mule 4 Beta runtime, but also improves the overall user experience for Studio users.

In this blog post, I will walk you through some of the biggest UX improvements and architectural changes that will transform your user experience:

As a quick summary, Studio 7 will offer:

  • Transparent and easy Maven integration

Introducing Mule 4 and Anypoint Studio 7 Beta

July 26 2017

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mule 4

Today, we released Mule 4 beta, which adds vastly more power, higher speeds, and greater simplicity into the famously small footprint of Mule – the industry’s leading all-purpose engine for building application networks. I couldn’t be more excited.  With Mule 4, we’ve delivered a simplified language for connectivity, transparent data access and streaming, automatic performance tuning and smoother upgrades. It’s a major evolution of the core runtime of Anypoint Platform.

Top 3 Ways to Make Your IT Team More Productive

July 26 2017

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increase it productivity

Explore our latest whitepaper on how organizations can improve IT productivity by closing the IT delivery gap.  

Earlier this year, we conducted a survey of over 900 IT decision makers. Only half said that they were able to complete all the projects they were asked to do in the last 12 months. 60% said they were not adequately resourced to meet their company’s digital goals. And 60% also said that if digital transformation goals were not met, revenues would be negatively impacted in six months or less. The single biggest constraint to meeting the above goals? Time.

Intercepting Messages on TCP/IP in Mule

July 25 2017

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mule intercepting message

In this article, we will see how Mule can intercept messages on the TCP/IP socket for real-time communication. You will first receive messages on the TCP/IP socket and then transform the messages from byte to object, then from object to XML, and then, finally, from XML to JSON––all using out-of-the-box Mule transformers.

When Top Executives Get Digital Transformation Wrong

July 24 2017

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digital transformation wrong

At a recent conference, Mike Schlotman, the CFO of US grocery chain Kroger, responded to Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods and what that would mean for the grocery retail industry. He said, “Part of me refuses to believe that everybody is just going to sit at home and everything is going to be brought to their doorstep and nobody is ever going to leave home to do anything again.”

Oh dear.

Meet a Muley: Andrés Curcio, Software Developer in Test

July 21 2017

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andres curcio

This week, we sat down with Andrés Curcio, a Software Developer in Test on our Core Services Testing team in our Buenos Aires, Argentina office. Our Engineering teams are small and cross-functional, so testers have the opportunity to lead both team-related and product-specific responsibilities. They partner and collaborate with front- and back-end engineers across teams in order to improve our testing processes.