CloudHub January 2015 – bigger and better applications!

February 9 2015


The January 2015 release of CloudHub features several key upgrades to our . With this release, customers will be able to run more applications per vCore (10 per vCore – up from the current limit of 4), and will also be able to run more compute and memory intensive applications – which consume up to 4 vCores in one instance. We are also releasing a new security feature – data encryption for persistent queues, which will help customers with their security and needs.

More Applications per vCore, and Support for Bigger Applications

Starting with the January 2015 release, customer applications running on CloudHub will have a bigger palette of worker sizes to choose from. Currently, a customer application has a choice of 3 worker sizes – Shared, Regular, or Double, representing 1/4th of a vCore, 1 vCore, and 2 vCore capacities respectively. Starting February 7, applications running on CloudHub will have 5 different worker sizes to choose from, with the compute and memory capacities described in the following table:

New Worker Sizes0.1 Vcores0.2 Vcores1 Vcore2 Vcores4 Vcores
500 MB Mem1 GB Mem1.5 GB Mem3.5 GB Mem7.5 GB Mem

This means customers have greater flexibility on how they architect their applications on our platform. At the low end of the spectrum, customers can run more applications per vCore, which allows them to use their subscription capacity in a more optimal fashion. Currently, the smallest application that a customer can deploy uses 1/4th of a vCore, but with this upgrade, they will now be able to run 10 applications per vCore. At the high end of the spectrum, our current largest instance offering (the Double worker with 2 vCores) is too small for the largest applications which are compute and memory hungry (e.g. video streaming apps). Customers with these larger capacity needs will be helped by our new 4 vCore offering. In summary, our worker cloud upgrade will allow customers to run more and bigger applications on our platform.


Encrypt Data at Rest in Persistent Queues

CloudHub continues to focus on being a secure platform for our customers’ applications, and with the January 2015 release, customers can enable data-at-rest encryption for their persistent queues. Customers who have this feature enabled can ensure that any shared application data written out to a persistent queue will be encrypted, allowing them to meet their security and compliance needs.


Documentation and Release Notes

Complete documentation and release notes for the January 2015 release of CloudHub may be found at the links below:

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