Screencast: From install to RESTful resource in less than 3 minutes


We have put up a screencast that shows you how to get started with RESTx, our platform for the rapid, easy creation of RESTful web services.

RESTx allows developers to contribute data access, integration and processing components in Java or Python, using a very simple API. Then, with nothing more than a browser and a simple HTML form, users provide parameters for those components,

iBeans introductory screencast

November 4 2009


I just finished an iBeans screen cast that provides an overview of iBeans and provides a detailed tour of one of the examples that ships with the latest distribution. The example demonstrates how to schedule a task and perform bi-directional AJAX communication with the browser to plot geo-coordinates onto a map. This is the first in a series of screen casts for iBeans, the next one will demonstrate how to create an iBeans project in Eclipse.