How APIs power patient-centric digital transformation in life sciences

Organizations in the life sciences industry are focusing on a patient-first mentality and are looking to use digital transformation to make that happen. At the heart of a patient-centric transformation is self-service to enable a patient to access information easily and quickly. That’s why many life sciences companies are moving away from traditional engagement channels […]

Opinion: Did lack of agility stall a retail giant’s digital transformation attempt?

In a recent article about a major retailer’s struggles to balance Amazon-grade competitive pressure to digitally transform against the livelihoods of its in-store customer associates, quotes Wharton School professor Santiago Gallino as saying that retailers must “reinvent themselves and rethink the role of employees [or risk becoming extinct].”

Digital transformation flows at Yarra Valley Water with MuleSoft

Yarra Valley Water is Melbourne’s largest retail water utility, providing essential water and sanitation services to over two million people across the Australian city. Using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, Yarra Valley Water has embarked on its digital transformation journey to provide a superior, connected experience for its customers, employees and partners. In this blog, Glenn Wilson, […]

Digital transformation

Digital transformation Learn how integration is driving innovation across the globe, with thought leadership from industry leaders and expert advice on how to digitally transform your organization. Digital transformation Bringing the power of integration to everyone A message from MuleSoft’s CEO — how integration can empower everyone across the organization to innovate. Brent Hayward | […]

The year ahead: What organizations need to know for successful digital transformation in 2021

The past year brought with it an unfathomable level of disruption to norms: impacting business priorities and digital transformation initiatives and drastically altering expectations from customers. While 2020 is in the past, the key learnings and radical shifts it has prompted will be ever more relevant this year. Organizations are seeking to navigate a new […]

Why companies need a digital transformation strategy

Digital transformation is the hottest trend in business. A recent survey by MuleSoft found that 97% of IT decision makers are involved in digital transformation initiatives at their respective organizations. But what exactly is digital transformation, what are the benefits and why is it so essential to so many businesses? The story of Netflix and the last […]

Why digital transformation shouldn’t stop with COVID-19

In the past few weeks, the world has changed — impacting priorities on a personal and business level. As organizations face a new reality with COVID-19, business leaders will need to revisit their digital transformation strategy in order to adapt.  These changes aren’t limited to businesses. Rather, they are impacting employees, partners, and customers as […]